Everything is ALMIGHTY
West subverts the grandiose aura of art history through his adaptation of pop aesthetics. Using both the expressiveness of Abstraction, and Surrealism.And the stylistic rendering of graphic illustration,
Like a scene straight outta Belly! ⚑️
Had a couple Ni**az outta pocket, now they know!!! #BehindTheScenes #lacedMag #comingsoon #almighty #AF1RT
"The Scoff" 36 x 36  as I stated, this May and beyond will be nothing less than #ALMIGHTY 🎨
RP from @_dezthegenius  just observing my work at the studio
It ain’t about who did it first, it’s bout who did it right got the city like PREEACH πŸ™ @ASVPXROCKY custom @rickowensstorenewyork bag X JayWest #Almighty
This May will be EPIC, nothing less than #ALMIGHTY , and amazingly inspiring!!! Collaborative exhibit with #robertmars DTR GALLERY. NY get ready 🎨 πŸ™

Sex sex and more sex

Good Vibes HERE

McLaren P1 | US Test

missing Petit valley #Trinidad
It usually starts like this, but let’s just say it’s gonna be an extremely hot and innovative summer!!! Thee ALMIGHTY of this here paint thang 🎨 πŸ™
#justwaitonit #LACEDmagazine coming soonπŸ“·