Everything is ALMIGHTY
West subverts the grandiose aura of art history through his adaptation of pop aesthetics. Using both the expressiveness of Abstraction, and Surrealism.And the stylistic rendering of graphic illustration,
My my how I’ve missed this painting 😢 #jaywestart #2011 I think ⚡️⚡️
All in it nothing 🎨 cold paint , do the math
ATTN EVERYONE: I’ll be headlining the closing reception to the #inseperable #soundwallexperience exhibit this THURSDAY at Gallery 151 located at 132 W 18th st NY, NY come one, come all RSVP: Soundwall@freide.co 🎨
This here is my 2nd chain of command , the Yung Lieutenant , the ting #ALMIGHTY, happy http day Yung lion, I love you with all mine 24/7 they thick n thin shoutout to all my wolves @fame_effect @la_lv_ @fre3ischillin @famousgemsclothing @tom_cruiseship_ @anymeans @asapferg @flyry The Almightiest of them all
#TORSOS Ganesvoort park ave #Jaywestart #steamRollAllday 🚜🚧
Oh BOI 🔥🔥🔥 preliminary sketches in charcoal before the paint. This is a piece within itself
No Guns, definitely no Roses
The latest piece hanging up at the @elitedaily office, super amazing and blessed to call these wonderful folks family, my biggest canvas get 48 x 96 and they have it!!! Thanks @cousinlex for bridging the gap and making us a circle ⚡️⚡️🙏 #ALMIGHTY #jaywestart #popexpressionism
#inseparable @soundwallco @gallery151 go check it out  #ALMIGHTY
⚠️⚠️⚠️ #STUDIORELEASES the “jack of all trades” and “Queen of all” original paintings signed and unstretched !!! Serious inquires only, contact via email 🎨
1 & 2 🌋🌋 …….where’s 3 😈 #villainSeries #jaywestart #almighty