Everything is ALMIGHTY
West subverts the grandiose aura of art history through his adaptation of pop aesthetics. Using both the expressiveness of Abstraction, and Surrealism.And the stylistic rendering of graphic illustration,
#CURRENTLY while blasting that new #TRIGGA #ALLWEDO #SAGPOWER♐️ ⚡️⚡️⚡️
"In rivers , the water you touch is the last of what has been passed and the first of that which comes ; so it is with time present"  Da Vinci

MARVEL TEAM -UP #53 (Jan. 1977)Cover Art by Dave Cockrum, John Romita Sr. & Danny Crespi
Life is like a blank canvas, you have it at your in her tips , in front of you, blank until you make your marks, and you’re ultimately in control of the marks you leave upon it 🎨 #studio #jaywestart photo cc: @bleudope
Hand made suede abstract totes, Oh is that so Mr.West? 👀 sooner than later just know that #jaywestart #handpainted
No turning down, now you turn me up, the bright lights will burn you up; From LA, to the MIA, to the up-top I’ve been on my way!!!!!
BICKIN BACK BEIN BOOL, with family, it’s only family, only #WOLVES #beenMackin #circa2005
BICKIN BACK BEIN BOOL, with family. It’s only familyC only #WOLVES nothin less #circa2005 #beenMackin
I walked in, and started crying instantly!!! my baby brother, And BLOOD brother Matt’s surprise Birthday! My Brother Josh, A1 chef and Yung business man. God is the greatest. And for us young men to make it out of war zones to tell amaizng stories and still smile like diamonds, that’s the fruit of life. #ILOVEyouMATT #ILOVEyouJosh #BROTHERS #TheydontHaveIGcoolOut #MyDNAisAmazing #0-100REALQUICK
And I’ll be lovin you, allllll wayysss 💛 “Wondering Eyes” 48 x 72