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West subverts the grandiose aura of art history through his adaptation of pop aesthetics. Using both the expressiveness of Abstraction, and Surrealism.And the stylistic rendering of graphic illustration,
Untitled…….I’ll let you tell it x_____________ 🎨🏆🏆
Polaroid action x @leannav #jaywest #RobertMars #dtrModernGallery
Semi candid during @laurenjadekelly studio visit 📷 “say cheese” 😆
I WANNA GIVE YOU A VERY SPECIAL AND HUGE BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT TO MY DAY1, my Yung heart, Yung headache, thotty Pippen, @fame_effect I love you brother, we go through everything together and always come out Victorious, get ready to get these LAMBOS next year !!!! 🙏🙏 #ALMIGHTY
Earlier today posted at the #FIFA #WORLDCUP party Hosted by #BounceNY !!!!! #jaywestart 🎨 always OUTCHEA
Nothing better than art exhibits in the middle of the industrial parts of the Hampton’s. NYC just get ready for the next #jaywestart show ⚡️
This entire piece, which is composed of Oil paint, even the newspaper article is hand painted , the microscopic SCULPTURE of the roman centurion crucifying Christ was sculpted BY HAND ; on the head of a pin!!!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ this was done by a very great friend of mine, and GENIUS; Peter Weiss, this is what my life is about, and this is what synergy is about for me, like minds, great thinkers, builders, creatives pushing the limits and really flaunting the human genius capability!!! LOVE one another, build one another, and never settle !!! Be #ALMIGHTY my friends ⚡️#jaywest #peterWeiss
The latest In the #JayWest studio releases, and first time an original painting has been offered via these random studio releases!!!!!! This painting “King of all cards” is a 7 x 9 inch acrylic on canvas un stretched piece. Contact via email for inquiries. HAPPY BIDDING 🎨 #JAYWESTART #StudioReleases

Cotton bodysuits featured in an ad from June 2014.
The hustles an Art, I painted what I would think 🎨
#CURRENTLY while blasting that new #TRIGGA #ALLWEDO #SAGPOWER♐️ ⚡️⚡️⚡️
"In rivers , the water you touch is the last of what has been passed and the first of that which comes ; so it is with time present"  Da Vinci

MARVEL TEAM -UP #53 (Jan. 1977)Cover Art by Dave Cockrum, John Romita Sr. & Danny Crespi